Clark Kent was cuter than Superman.

How do, you know I don’t have a think to talk about except SUPERMAN the movie, you will believe a man can fly.  I saw it Thursday night, isn’t that great?  Now I don’t have a thing to talk about except cute Clark Kent, boy was he cute, I wouldn’t mind being Lois Lane, Clark was cuter than Superman, you know they are one and the same.  Now I don’t have anything at all to talk about, you know, how do you find enough things to write your letters that long.  Did you sell any subscriptions?  I didn’t.
This is a very boring letter because I don’t have a thing to write!  Guess what!  It’s snowing!  I’m sooooooooooo informative.  By the way, Nooooooooooooo.  You are making me sick with this Lover boy stuff.  Hee Hee.  You know I like T.  I hope mole man and everyone worked out.
Well bye now,
T (felix)
((spy #1))

Who is cuter?  You be the judge.  Visit

One of the many delightful things about transcribing these notes has been researching all the references to 70s and 80s pop culture in an effort to date them.  Because Superman was released on 12/15/78, I know this note was written in 8th grade.  One of my closest friends, bless her, dated almost all her notes–but the vast majority of them are undated, requiring the highest caliber investigatory skills to figure out when they were written.  Though I haven’t been able to date all of them, most of the time–using references to teachers or classes, boyfriends, songs or albums–I’ve at least been able to deduce what grade we were in.

Then there’s the juxtaposition of my life now, in comparison.  When I first started this project last December, I’d seclude myself in my office for six hours at a time, enjoying hot flashes and drinking copious amounts of wine, listening to BestNetRadio 70s & 80s Hits, bawling my head off as I thought about how long ago all this was and how old I am now.  Poor Husband.

Okay, I’m not really all that old now.  But it sure feels like it sometimes.  Seven months and several hundred notes later, I’m much more in control.  At least the hot flashes have stopped for the time being.

Valerie photo courtesy Act III Communications

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